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You @ DataSQRL >

It all starts with YOU. You are important to this company - to us. And you share a responsibility to fill this company with life, advance its purpose, and make it successful.

This company is made of people. You are one of them. Without people, there is no company. You are driving this company to achieve its purpose. We all are. And if we do that well together, we have a chance to make a tiny dent in the universe by building something together that neither one of us could have dreamed of achieving alone.

That’s the beauty of it - being able to pull together and create something that is more than just the sum of its parts. But to do that, we need to start with each individual - YOU.

At DataSQRL you are much more than a cog in a large corporate machine. We are committed to you as a person and to your personal growth. Every year, team members work with their mentors on a personal growth plan which details how DataSQRL will invest specifically into your personal growth.