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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower people to build with data.

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Data is the lifeblood of the modern economy. Turning data into products and services is an increasingly important means of value creation. Our mission is to empower everybody to participate in the modern data economy by enabling them to create valuable data products and data services.

Look at the world around you: it increasingly runs on data. Whether it's banks, hospitals, schools, factories, transportation, or even our personal lives: data makes the world go round. People and organizations that harness this data to produce value are the ones that will succeed in a world that runs on data.

But creating value from data, which means building data products and services, is currently very difficult, and requires advanced education, lots of experience, and a ton of money. That's why companies with deep pockets and lots of PhDs, like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, can disproportionately grow their slice of the economic cake while everybody else falls behind.

Our mission is to empower everybody to participate in and benefit from the data economy. Not only does that level the playing field, but it will unlock a tremendous amount of value creation and growth.


Our vision is to build powerful open-source technology and simple tooling that makes building sophisticated data products and data services as easy as creating a spreadsheet.

Individuals will be able to combine data streams and data sets into products and services that deliver value through advanced ML algorithms and domain-specific analysis. What currently takes a group of technology experts months to accomplish, a single person can do in an afternoon with DataSQRL's products.

By giving people the tools to build with data and nurturing an open-source community, we lay the groundwork for an explosion of unique data products and a diversity in data algorithms that will overcome the algorithmic monoculture we are currently trapped in. And we unleash unprecedented growth in the data economy.

In addition, our vision is to increase data literacy - the ability to understand and build with data - through education, technology, and community support. Data literacy, like reading and writing, will become a core skill that's required to participate in society and the economy. DataSQRL advances data literacy and supports data literacy efforts that prepare our kids for a world that runs on data.